Monday, 30 March 2015

A nice evening stroll at Punggol Waterway Park.

I've been wanting to try this place since I saw quite a few nice pictures on it posted online. The last time I decided to go but back-out last minute because I dread getting lost. But last week, my weekend classes was cancelled and I said to myself, okay! I'm going! No matter what.
Called a friend up and she meet me at bawah block. We went there by car. My dad has directed me, to just head straight after TPE. Even if we terlajak, it will bring us to Punggol Promenade, or the Punggol beach. And yes, we terlajak. Hehe. Managed to stop for awhile and has some potong ice-cream.
We tried our luck again the second time. This time with more confidence. And at last I said, yes this is the place! The Punggol Waterway Park was on our left. But...the problem lies in parking! It's a parallel parking and this kind of parking, I failed. Haiyoo. The first trial, no success. The car entered the lot halfway only. Hehe. No gut, I made a U-turn and tried parking on the other side. Luckily this time, the lot has more space than the previous one. So the car was steered kinda easily compared to the first trial. Tu pun sebenarnyaa...
And now, pictures....:D
I love this pic! It's the beginning of the bridge.

The bridge.
The evening dew. ^^
Waiting alone.
I never know bridges can be a beauty. ;)

Hold my hand forever to Jannah <3 Hehe.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Off for a holiday break!

At last, Krabi Thailand accomplished!

It all started with eh jom lah pi Krabi. And a bit push from the already pengantin who recommended us on this, we certainly had a great experience and lots of photos to share!
Boarded the Airasia plane at 12.50pm. On the plane, we make silent doa to be protected throughout the journey to and fro. Without no basic language of Thailand (at all!), well Juwai did download the learning dictionary app, we bismillahi tawakkaltu alal Allah.
From two generations : The tweenies and thirties. ^^
From airport, we took taxi which cost us 600 baht. Headed straight to our hotel, Aonang Cliff View Resort Hotel. We quickly have a quick rest, bathe and prepare to book our activities for the next day. Our hotel has a free transportation (well I guess it's included in the hotel payment) to bring us outside. It's 'outside' because our hotel was, erm quite ulu. But it's okay, because Singaporeans (like us. Haha) really need a break from city life and a bit of  kampung life would do us good.
Booked our activities for the next two days. We did get a really good price alhamdulillah. 2500 baht per person. Activities include island hopping, elephant trekking and ATV (all terrain vehicle). All of this include fetching and sending us back to our hotel. We are satisfied customers alhamdulillah.
Been looking forward to this activity since ages! Finally!
First time snorkelling. Scared to bits but super fun!
This is super breath-taking scenary subhanallah!
Visiting Thailand without Tomyam is incomplete. We did get to taste a delicious kind of Tomyam soup that we just have to visit again the shop before we leave back to homeland. The first time we have for dinner was tomyam soup with plain rice, steamed fish with lemon, squid tempura and Mango Salad (or known as Kerabu). The second time, I had was tomyam noodle for dinner too. (Perangai gemuk makan malam-malam). This time, the gravy was quite thick and it was not comparable to the first one. So the third time, we dined in at the first-time restaurant and ordered Tomyam soup again.
Us with tomyam soup.
Thai people are very gentle, polite and soft-spoken people. They remind us of Syrian people; how soft-spoken their language and the way they spoke. As said by Shahirah, aku tak tau nak marah dorang macam mana. Lembut sangat bebual. Another good point is that, they are generous with pineapples and watermelon. They always served us with these kinds of fruits. The pineapple is very sweet.
Nicely cut of pineapples.
When it comes to shopping, boleh *pengsan*. I'm not a shopaholic so I know my limit but it drives me quuite crazy to see good material kinds of begs that I just have to convert more Sing. dollars to Baht Thai.
Some of the foods that we tried,
The only halal muslim-owned stall at Krabi Town.
Banana nutella pancakes. Juwai's fav. ^^

I don't know its name. But kawa 'i kan? ^^
Holiday break does not mean all laughters, foods and fun. For every scenery, every people that we meet, every single thing; remind me that we all belong to Allah taala. As I rode the elephant, it just reminds me of surah fiil (elephant) and how they were lead by Abrahah to demolish the Kaabah but to no avail. The island hopping, subhanallah. I can't stop reciting the second last verse of Kahfi , Qul law kanal bahru midadan....It reminds me of Allah's greatness and how small we are compared to the deepness and darkness of the sea. And as I snokelled into the sea, I looked at the fishes and corals and subhanallah...they remind me again that they are Allah's creations too. It crossed my mind too on the missing airplane MH370 which has no news till today.
Alhamdulillah. May Allah bless us with health and abundance rezq to have the opportunity again to travel and explore more of His creations. For now, kap kun kap. :)

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Manusia itu berbeza. Dari segi rupa, warna kulit juga perwatakan. Untuk apa diselisihkan perbezaan itu sedangkan Allah sememangnya menciptakan manusia berbeza-beza.
Andai dunia ini semuanya sama warna, semuanya sama bentuk, semuanya sama rasa..dunia akan bosan. Tiada kelainan. Mendak.
Aku dan kau berbeza.
Saya dan awak berbeza.
Ana dan anti berbeza.
I dan U pun berbeza.
Namun kita semua mempunyai satu persamaan.
Sama-sama mahu berpimpin tangan menuju ke syurga.
Adakah persamaan itu tidak mencukupi?
Bahkan lebih mencukupi.
Cuma manusia lebih pentingkan ego untuk  memenangkan perbezaan mereka.
Mari kita mengambil kesempatan ini untuk sama-sama meraikan perbezaan yang ada sesama kita. Jadikan ia sebagai satu platform untuk terus menjadi kuat dan menjadi satu ummah. Jadikan ia sebagai satu wadah untuk melihat dunia sebagai satu kehidupan yang berwarna-warni.
Bukankah Rasulullah mengajarkan kita bahawa,
اختلاف أمتي رحمة

Kucing tidak sepatutnya berwarna biru. Tapi aku meraikan 'perbezaan'
tersebut dan menggangapnya sebagai kreatif. Good job Raiz ^^

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The world.

Recently, I went to Malaysia for a holiday. Me and my friend went there to jalan-jalan and for me, I wanted to visit my Msian friends.
This time round, the trip was a bit of adventure as most of the time were spent out. I really enjoyed this trip and certainly treasured every moments of it. Terima kasih bagi yang ikut sekali *hug*
# 1 : Ikan Bakar

Eating fresh cooked ikan bakar was super delicious! You can self-picked the fishes and decide on the menu. There's the choice of ikan bakar petai, ikan 3 rasa, ikan masak merah and etc. We always choose on ikan 3 rasa - masam, manis and pedas. A plate of Kerabu goes perfectly with a plate of plain rice and fishes.
Eating a fresh cooked fish is a rare meal in Spore. Or I think so. It's either that, or the price is way too expensive. Not worthy of it. But in Malaysia, it's different! It's super thumbs-up and prices are reasonable. The last meal we ate costs us RM 118/- and there were 6 of us. Simply awesome alhamdulillah.
Must try : Ana Ikan Bakar Petai Bandar Baru Bangi

The six of us - cramped in a car to reach here :)
# 2 : Taman Botani, Putrajaya
I wanted to show my friend the nature there. Badly. Heee. Till the extent of renting a car and using Maps to reach there. Women failed when it comes to sense of directions.
We get to feed the fishes and see numbers of hungry fishes popping out of the lake to eat our breads. We get to explore the land of teletubbies (heee). We get to climb stairs decorated with seashells. Korang ada? Haha.
Fishes grabbing the piece of bread.
The land of teletubbies.

# 3 : KLCC Twin Tower

She wanted to took the Twin Tower Bridge. I checked the ticket price and it costs a bomb - RM 80 per person. That's roughly around S$40 and that money could buy me a new bag, or a pair of new shoes ^^ So we just wandered around the area, took pictures and headed to the KLCC Suria Mall as it started to drizzle followed by heavy rain. Luckily, we managed to snap few shots but still, I wished we could take more.
KLCC Twin Tower

Us again ;)
# 4 : Masjid India
It's a must place to go. Heee. But I didn't buy much. I bought for nieces identical pair of Frozen outfit , forced someone to buy a pair of skirt, bought RM5/- of keropok lekor but sadly, didn't finished it up because we were so full. I was looking for minyak selulit for Mak but we got dissapointed at every shop. I even showed them picture of the minyak.
I was looking for myself some senang-nak-lipat tudung bidang 60". It's very hard to find a decent one (not Akel branded) and I don't mind spending some money just to get hold on a few of that tudung. I forgot when was the last time I bought a new bidang 60" tudung. Just to show how hard it is to get one. Especially that suits my oval face. Heeee.

I did managed to get one at Warta. I bought it despite the dispproval looks from my friends. It's costly- rm 53 each. I still bought it with the same reason ; bukan senang nak cari tudung 60' senang lipat.
# 5 : UIA
Wah! Never expected myself to reach again this masya allah university. It's been part of my dream to study here (biiznillah) pursuing my MA or maybe PHD too. We bunked over at one of our friend's dorm. Ordered Dominos for dinner and we called it a night.
The next day, we explored UIA'S ground and of course including stalls too.There's plenty of stalls! And we have to get a grip of ourselves before we ended up walking home to Spore. The busyra lii was that I finally found tudung-bidang-60 that I really lurve! Initially I heard the aunty said it costs RM 55 each. So I said to myself, it's okay then. Maybe I will just buy one. Minutes later, the aunty approached us and said, its rm25 each. Salah dengar rupanya. Aku ape lagi. Angkut 3 sekali. *happy happy alhamdulillah*
Makan sarapan.

The Blue Mosque.

The University.
Alhamdulillah. It was such a wonderful trip. Certainly looking forward to more adventures, journey and trips with my Iphone (hehe). A big heart to Saodah for the company, smiles and laughters, and a tremendous big warm-hearted love and hug to Iffah for everything. Allah sahaja yang boleh balas jasa baik awk. Jazakumullahu khairal jaza' <3
"We are all travellers in the wilderness of this world.
And the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend," - Quoted

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Alhamdulillah. The call to write again appears after what seems like a decade. I've decided (heee) and insha allah will continue the interest (of writing) and put in MORE efforts to keep this blog going. There's still a few contemplation going on in my mind though:
1) The language that I will be using. I'm torned between Malay or English, Malay or English. I still can't decide yet. I don't know. The Malay-ish in me said, "oi. Kan bahasa ibunda kau. Kalau bukan kau yang gunakan, siapa lagi nak mempertahankan bahasa melayu!" . The step-macam-paham English-er in me said, "It's very hard nowadays NOT to write in English. Everywhere you go, people are conversing in English. And I have this very stubborn mindset, if I write my blog in Malay, who's like going to read it?".
Please help me make my mind.

2) I need to think of a new 'so-called project'. This kind of mini project is a good thing because it motivates me to keep my blog updated. I have a few that I've thought about but I haven't decided on any.
3) Oh ya! If u notice - well I don't think anyone notice it yet, but I've changed my URL. Initially it was sofwatul-qalb but I've changed it to bintyusoff. The good thing is, I'm going to change it again. The bad thing is, I haven't decided on any yet. Haha. I don't know why I keep changing the blog's name. It's hard for people to keep track on you lah hida.
I'm so excited to get my fingers dancing on the keyboard. I will certainly be back with more insha allah.
"Look deep into nature and then you will understand
everything better - Albert Einstein"

Friday, 31 January 2014

...dan dia dah sampai ke Baitul Maqdis terlebih dahulu. Tanpa saya T.T.


Untuk hari jadi nya kali ini, dia ada 'request present' untuk ke Jordan. Selepas tamat peperiksaan pertengahan tahun di Cairo,  dia terus terbang ke Jordan untuk berjumpa dengan teman akrabnya. Pengembaraan ke Jordan bersambung sehingga ke Baitul Maqdis.
Saya pula sedang memujuk diri. Insha allah satu hari nanti pasti akan sampai jua.
Siiru 'ala barakatillah...!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dr. Maza di Singapura

"...ida bagus Ustaz tu bebual. Mak suka. Terang. Jelas apa yang dia nak sampaikan,".

Saya tersenyum lebar.

"..aah ustaz tu memang bagus. Ida suka cara dia bebual. "

Ayah menokok, "...cara dia bebual intellectual."

Itu lah dia, Ustaz Muhammad Asri Zainul Abidin.
Atau nama 'glamournya' sebagai Ustaz Maza.


Topik perbicaraan adalah mengenai istiqamah. Istiqamah membawa maksud yang sangat berat sehingga Rasulullah telah di-ubankan rambutnya kerana suruhan untuk ber-istiqamah. Firman Allah dalam surah Hud, "fastaqim kama umirt,".
Ustaz menceritakan serba sedikit mengenai Imam Nawawi - seorang pakar dalam bidang fiqh Shafie, seorang yang sangat bijak dan diberkati ilmunya sehingga umat Islam hingga ke hari ini menggunakan kitab yang dikumpulkan (atau ditulis) oleh Imam Nawawi. Beliau dilahirkan di Syria, Dmasyq. Beliau wafat ketika umurnya 45 tahun dan beliau tidak berkahwin. Salah satu karangan Imam Nawawi adalah kitab Riyadh al-Solehin. Cara penulisan beliau hampir sama dengan cara penulisan Bukhari iaitu meletakkan tajuk kemudian diikuti dengan ayat al-Quran sebelum membawa hadith-hadith.
Kemudian dibincangkan mengenai perihal salam yang bererti kesejahteraan atau keselamatan. Apabila kita memberi salam kepada seseorang, kita mendoakan kesejahteraan ke atas mereka. Cara menjawab salam seperti mana yang diajar dalam al-Quran adalah, kita membalasnya dengan cara yang sama atau lebih baik daripada itu.
Contohnya, A memberi salam, Assalamualaikum Wa Rahmatullah. Hendaklah kita menjawab dengan Wa Alaikumussalam Wa Rahmatullah dan tidak kurang daripada itu. Dibolehkan juga untuk menjawab lebih daripada itu iaitu Wa Alaikumussalam Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh.
Itu adalah adab-adab dalam menjawab dan memberi salam.
Bagaimana pula dengan 'mengirim salam'. Contohnya, " A kirim salam dekat kau lah,". Perkara ini juga diharuskan kerana Nabi Muhammad pernah berkata kepada Khadijah alaihassalam, "..sesungguhnya Jibril telah menyampaikan salamnya kepada kamu...".
Kalau kirim salam maut ada tak...? ^^
Kemudian dibincangkan soal salam (atau greetings) dari non-muslim. Adakah ia dibenarkan atau tidak?
Fatwa daripada negara yang sedikit bilangan non-muslim mengatakan bahawa tidak boleh sambut greetings dari mereka, atau mengucapkan ucapan hari raya kepada mereka. Hal ini adalah kerana seolah-olah kita juga turut meraikan hari perayaan mereka.
Berbeza dengan fatwa negara yang bilangan non-muslim terdiri daripada majoriti. Fatwa ini adalah fatwa Eropah. Mereka mengatakan dibolehkan mengucap ucapan perayaan mereka sekiranya pada musim perayaan kita (Aidilfitri dan Aidiladha), mereka berbuat demikian. Hal ini adalah kerana mereka telah meraikan perayaan kita dan kita juga 'meraikan' perayaan mereka. Tetapi hanya setakat ucapan sahaja dan tidak melebihi dari batasan tersebut.
Kita meraikan dari aspek humanity bukan menyambut perayaan mereka.
Kalau kita memberi salam kepada mayat, adakah mereka menjawab salam kita?
Apabila kita melalui kubur, hendaklah kita memberi salam kepada mereka,  Assalamualaikum ya ahlal qubur. Antum al-Sabiqun wa nahnu insha allah min al-lahiqin. Doa ini diajar oleh Rasulullah. Maka setiap apa yang diajar oleh Baginda sollahu alaihi wa salam, ada faedahnya.
Mereka akan menjawab salam kita, cuma kita yang tidak dapat mendengarnya :)
Ada jemaah yang bertanyakan mengenai hal RIP (rest in peace) yang diucapkan kepada non-muslim yang telah meninggal. Dr. Maza mengatakan, apabila kita mengucap RIP seolah-olah kita percaya bahawa mereka sedang 'peace' di alam akhirat sana. Itu sama sekali bertentangan dengan akidah kita sebagai seorang Islam. Namun begitu, tidak salah untuk kita menceritakan kebaikan yang telah disumbangkan atau dilakukan sepanjang hayat mereka. Seorang Muslim yang baik adalah yang tahu menilai jasa baik seseorang walaupun dia tidak seagama.
Jazakumullahu Dr. Maza.
'Terhibur' dengan pengisian yang telah dikongsikan oleh Dr.
Semoga perkongsian dari saya ini sedikit sebanyak dapat memberi manfaat kepada kita semua.
Insha allah.